Holy Month of Ramadan!

Dear Community:

We would like to wish everyone and their families’ good health and blessing during this Holy Month of Ramadan! This year, due to the unpredictable pandemic, all activities are hold until further notice. Any updates on events will be posted on Turkestanian American Association Facebook Page.We pray that this pandemic is over soon as all humanity is suffering. Due to the current situation, our Association building is closed but there are many essential financial responsibilities in order to keep our building. We are fortunate to be the only Turkestanian community who has a building in the United States.

During this Holy Month you can donate your Fitre, Zekat, Sadaqa, Fedia and other dues to our Association. In Islam, in order to block bad deed and curse, one must give Sadaqa.

Please keep in mind that your generous donations are what keep our Association active and alive!  Therefore, every contribution counts and makes a difference!

Reminder: You can now make your tax-deductible donations on-line on our website at www.turkistanamerican.org/donate

Upcoming Events:

Keep up to date with the Turkestanian American Association Facebook Page.

We hope to see everyone soon! During this Holy Month, please be generous!

Thank you!

Turkestanian American Association

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