Turkistanian American Association Newsletter (V-1)


Dear Members:

Welcome to the first edition of the TAA newsletter. I hope this will be of interest to our readers and be beneficial to our association members.

We are approaching the eve of celebrating the 25th independence of our native lands: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. We wish all these countries a happy independence and a peaceful coexistence for years to come. We are hopeful that there will be more unity and cooperation among all of our native countries.

As I reflect on Uzbekistan’s Independence and the history of our association, I want to share what an honor it has been leading our community in keeping our culture and traditions active and alive in the U.S.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all current and past board members and all individuals who volunteer and contribute to making our association grow and prosper. Without our member’s active involvement and support, our association would not be where it is today.

I wish everyone good health and success.

Best wishes,
Abdullah Kwaja
President of the TAA

News from the TAA Committees

Public Relations Committee (PRC):

aziz-sancarThe TAA Public Relations Committee members, Munevver Yuksel and Ibrahim Yuksel, attended an awards ceremony and conference organized by The International Turkic Academy at the UN on March 28, 2016. Nobel Prize Laureate Aziz Sancar, renowned historians Dr. Edward Allworth and Dr. Kemal Karpat received gold medals from the Turkic Academy for their lifetime achievements and contributions to the field of Turkic studies. The conference was organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the independence of Turkic speaking countries. It was attended by representatives of the UN, international organizations, diplomats and many scholars. The PRC invited Dr. Sancar, Dr. Karpat, Dr. Allworth and Dr. Kocaoglu to the TAA to meet with its members and give seminars. On-going seminars are planned starting in the fall of 2016.


Grants Committee (GC):

GC, consisting of Munevver Yuksel, Dilara Sharafi, Burhan Okuyan, Reyhan Yasar, Eman Rahmetullah, is in the process of researching and contacting banks, private foundations and governmental agencies to find potential funding opportunities for TAA activities. GC members also attended the above conference at the UN and spoke with Turksoy and other funding organizations for potential funding opportunities.

Cultural Affairs Committee (CAC)

CAC consists of Shahnoza Bek (President), Nuray Gumusay, Sirin Hilal. CAC will be organizing and sponsoring the activities for the Ramadan holiday picnic on July 10th. The activities will center around a carnival theme with many surprises. In October, CAC plans on having a Costume Fun Night. And in November, a Girls PJ Spa Night is planned. Folklore dance classes will also begin in November.  The exact dates for these events will be announced soon.

The Women’s Auxiliary Group (WAG)

WAG consists of Kerime Rahmati (President), Sema Yasar (VP), Tolga Ahmedi (Secretary), Munise Ceynek, Shahnaza Bek, Aziza Muhtarova, Gulenay Akyol, Dinara Noorata, Shakhnoza Rasulova, and Berna Yilmaz. On March 12th, WAG organized a massive cleanup of the TAA building. They helped serve food at our annual Navruz celebration on March 26th. They also organized the TAA Iftar on June 19th, having prepared special dishes such as soup, samsa, borek, sarma, and much more. The WAG will be hosting a tea party in September. More information will be released in the future.

Religious Affairs Committee (RAC)

The first week of March, TAA began offering religion classes. Instructor Wahid Bukhari has had a significant role in shaping the curriculum and has taken on the duty of overseeing its implementation. The students are learning the Arabic and English translations of suras (prayers) and the Arabic alphabet. We keep the students engaged by having breaks, snacks and rewards for those who memorize their assigned suras. There’s also a brief play session at the end of class for the kids to bond. Children from age 6 and up are welcome to attend the class, held every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm. Lessons are free. RAC continues to aid and attend all funerals and ceremonies (fatihas).

If you would like to volunteer for any of the committees, pls. contact the respective committee members.

Ramadan News:

The TAA is happy to welcome our visiting Imam, Jalolidin Khamrakulov. He was born in 1975 Namangan, Uzbekistan. He has a Ph.D. in Economics and Religion from Tashkent. In 2008, he won the best Imam of the year in Uzbekistan. Currently, he is the head Imam of the Navza Masjid in Tashkent and the Chairman of the Tahfizul Quran Association. He is the author of 10 books about religion and economics and has written 200 articles/essays. He is married and is a father of 4 children.

We are fortunate to have him during the month of Ramadan to lead our tarawih prayers. Please join us every night at 10:20 pm at the TAA building for tarawih prayers and to hear his sermon.



by J. Khamrakulov

Tinchlik va hotirjamlik. Ushbu so’zlar zamirida qanchalar buyuk ne’mat borligi haqida hech o’ylab ko’rganmisiz? Bu ne’mat qiyosi yo’q bo’lgan buyuk ne’mat hisoblanadi.

Islom dini ana shunday ulug’ ne’mat bo’lmish tinchlik va hotirjamlikka targ’ib qilish bilan birga zulm qilish, ozor berish, birovning haqqini yeyish, josuslik qilish, g’iybat, yolg’onchilik, yolg’on guvohlik berish, chaqimchilik, ig’vo-fitna chiqarish, behuda qon to’kish kabi yomon illatlarni qoralaydi.

Alloh taolo Qur’oni karimda shunday marhamat qiladi: “Ey, imon keltirganlar! Islomga (tinchlikka) to’lig’icha kiringiz va Shaytonning izidan ergashmangiz! Albatta, u sizlarga aniq dushmandir” (Baqara surasi, 208-oyat).

Islomning ma’nolaridan biri – tinchlik. Islomda tinchlik inson qalbidan boshlanadi. So’ng qalbdagi bu tinchlik oilaga ko’chadi. Islom oila tinchligi uchun zarur bo’lgan barcha choralarni ishga soladi. Oiladagi tinchlik qarindosh-urug’, qo’ni-qo’shnilar orasiga ko’chadi. So’ngra bu tinchlik jamiyatga o’tadi. Davlat miqyosidagi tinch yashashga esa jamiyat tinch bo’lgandagina erishiladi. Nizom shunday. Tinchlik hukm surmoqdami, demak barcha narsa o’z o’rnida amalga oshiriladi. Barcha baxtli hayot kechiradi.

Payg’ambarimiz Muhammad Mustafo sollallohu alayhi vasallamdan sahobalar: “Mukammal inson kim?”, deb so’rashganda, u zot  sollallohu alayhi vasallam: “Tili va qo’li bilan boshqalarga ozor bermagan kishi”, deya marhamat qilganlar. Boshqa hadislarida hatto hididan ham boshqalar ozor topmasligiga buyurganlar.

Darhaqiqat, musulmon kishi jamiyat uchun nafaqat yaxshilikni ravo ko’rmog’i, yomonliklardan tiyilmog’i va boshqalarga aziyat berishdan uzoq bo’lmog’i lozim.

Dindan dunyoviy maqsad uchun foydalanish, din niqobi ostida dinga yot bo’lgan ishlarni amalga oshirish aslida dinda bo’lmaganlarning ishidir. Bu ishlari orqali ular odamlarni dindan bezdirib, boshqalarni musulmonlarga salbiy nazar bilan qarashiga sabab bo’ladilar.

Bugungi kunda ba’zi bir mutassib oqim vakillari dinni o’zlaricha talqin qilib, firqalarga bo’linib, musulmonlar orasida qanchdan-qancha ko’ngilsizliklar keltirib chiqarganliklari barchaga ma’lum.

Islom dinining musaffoligi, unda barcha insoniy fazilatlarning mujassamligi, insonlarni go’zal axloqu odobga targ’ib qilishdadir.

Rasululloh sollallohu alayhi vasallam: “Payg’ambar bo’lib kelishimning asosiy boisi, go’zal axloqlarni tamomiga yetkazishdan iboratdir” (Imom Molik rivoyati), degan so’zlarida Islom dinining asl mazmun-mohiyati ifodalab berilgandir.

Xulosa qilib aytganda, Islom dini har bir jamiyatga va har bir zamonga munosib kelishining asosiy sabablaridan biri u inson tabiati xususiyatlarini to’liq  hisobga olganidadir.

Buyuk Alloh yer yuziga tinchlikni barqaror aylasin. Amin!

Central Asia Security Workshop at George Washington University

On March 8, 2016, TAA Board members, A. Kwaja, W. Sabri, and R. Khuja, attended a  Central Asia Security Workshop at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

There were scholars from many countries such as England, France and Canada and from various institutions such as Columbia University, The Royal United Services Institute, Georgetown University and Hudson Institute.

It was a very interesting workshop because it specifically discussed Central Asia and its unique geographical location between Russia and China. For Central Asian countries to survive economically they need to rely on these two giant neighbors. Specifically, Russia always wants the Central Asian countries to be under her sphere.

(by A. Kwaja)

In the Spotlight:

kenan-tashkentKenan Taskent, one of the VP’s of the TAA, recently received an award from the NYPD in recognition for his service to the NYPD and Muslim community. Mr. Taskent has been a part of the NYPD Community Outreach Unit since 2003 and a part of the 61st Precinct’s Community Council since 2004.  Mr. Taskent helps the NYPD during important Muslim holidays that result in traffic around the mosques in Brooklyn and informs NYPD officers of the basics of Islam, diminishing the twisted stories and myths our religion is violently perceived by in the media. He’s an incredible voice for all of us and is always willing and happy to reach out to anyone in need. To be recognized with this award is a great honor that shows how much volunteering and making time to help others can make a difference.

(by Reyhan Yasar)


A Collection of Uzbek Short Stories
by Mahmuda Saydumarova

This book contains ten Uzbek short stories which have been translated into English. Each story is unique in its own way in that it portrays the cultural life of the Uzbek nation as well as the social and political events of Uzbekistan. These stories are translated to provide the English reader with information about Uzbekistan and its society. Some of the included stories were written by such famous writers as Abdulla Qahhar, Ghafur Ghulom, Sayed Ahmad, and Khayriddin Sultonov.

In Memoriam:

uzbek_poet_erkin_vohidov_diedErkin Vahidov, a famous Uzbek poet, playwright and public figure, passed away on May 30, 2016 at the age of 80. He was the Alishir Navoiy of contemporary Uzbek literature. Vohidov became a National Poet of Uzbekistan in 1987.  In 1999, he was awarded the title Hero of Uzbekistan, the highest honorary title that can be bestowed on a citizen by Uzbekistan. He was born in 1936 in Fergana Valley into a family of teachers. After graduating from Tashkent State University, he worked as an editor in various publishing houses and magazines. He wrote twenty five books of poetry and three plays. Many of his poems have become classic songs such as “O’zbegim” sung by Sherali Juraev. The TAA expresses its sincere condolences to the family of Erkin Vakhidov. May he rest in peace.


Excerpt from poem “O’zbegim” by Erkin Vohidov

  • Men buyuk yurt o’g’lidurman,
  • Men bashar farzandiman,
  • Lekin avval senga bo’lsam
  • Sodiq o’g’lon, O’zbegim.
  • Menga Pushkin bir jahonu
  • Menga Bayron bir jahon,
  • Lek Navoiydek bobom bor,
  • Ko’ksim osmon, O’zbegim.

TAA Building Fund

Please keep in mind that your generous donations are what keeps our association active and alive!  We are fortunate to be the only Central Asian association that owns a building in the U.S. However, there are many essential financial obligations in order to keep our building functioning. Therefore, every contribution counts and makes a difference. You can now make your tax deductible contributions online via the TAA website at: www.turkistanamerican.org/donate

We will email you a tax deductible receipt.

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Our sincere thanks for the sponsors of the TAA newsletter’s first edition: A. Kwaja , W. Sabri , G. Abdulla , B. Okuyan , R. Khuja.