Uzbek Americans Respond; the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program; Is the U.S. Betraying It’s Core Values?; Republican Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor

In this courtroom drawing, defendant Sayfullo Saipov, right, addresses the court during his arraignment on federal terrorism charges, Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017, at Manhattan Federal Court in New York.

Abdullah Kwaja, the president of the Turkistanian American Association, and Sergey Kadinsky, an English editor at the The Bukharian Times, respond to the attack that took place in lower Manhattan on Tuesday, and talk about the diverse Uzbek community in New York City.

“We tell our youth to stay away from radicalism and extremism. Extremism doesn’t pay. It has no future. We always talk about these things,” said Kwaja.

Source: WNYC.ORG