About Us

Turkistanian American Association is a cultural non-profit organization established in 1958. The organization strives to preserve and cherish Turkistanian customs and traditions. Our goals are to maximize the recognition of our culture, cultural heritage, and identity. We encourage our members to be involved in our community, and to establish and maintain a link between our community in both the United States and native land. Furthermore, our organization strives to acquaint the American public with the religious, cultural life, and traditions of Turkistan, especially Uzbekistan.

Turkistanian American Association members have access to community programs and resources that enhance their understanding and appreciation of our culture. Membership in our organization can play an important role in the personal development and social growth of our members. %90 of our members are Uzbek origin. We have members from all over the United States, but most of our members reside in the tri-state area.

In order for our community based organization to stay active, contributions and donations are needed and appreciated.